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Athletics Information

Dates and Information

For team schedules and try-out dates, click on any of the links above or visit the website of our athletic director, Ignacio Lerma.  All dates are posted on Creekside Athletic calendar as well. 

Click here to see the Creekside Athletic Calendar



Mr. Lerma can also be reached at 510-247-0665, ext. 7237 or by email to

Academic Eligibility

The Athletic Department sponsors many after-school sports programs. In order to be eligible to participate in any of these activities, however, students must have received on their last report card at least a 2.0 grade point average (and no more than one "F") and satisfactory citizenship (no more than one "U").


Athletic Clearance

Academic eligibility is required for participation in all organized sports activities, cheerleading, tryouts for musicals and plays, and elected/appointed student government offices.

Students will not be allowed to participate until they have cleared the following through the Main Office:  Instructions for Registering Your Athlete, Parent Consent, and Insurance or Insurance Waiver.  Students may be required to take a physical exam.

Athletic Department Rules

As an athlete you should behave properly in the locker room.

You are responsible for all athletic equipment checked out to you. You will be charged for all lost equipment. You should be on time for practice every day. Missing practice may result in losing your position on the team. If you cannot attend practice because of illness or an emergency, it is your responsibility to inform the coach prior to the next practice or competition.

If you are injured while participating, report it to your coach immediately. If you are forced to "sit out" of practice or games by a doctor's order, you must have a clearance from the doctor before you may return to practice or play.

You are required to turn in all team equipment at the conclusion of your season.  No post-season awards will be given to individuals who have not returned school equipment.  You will not be allowed to practice for a new team until you have cleaned up uniform/equipment obligations with your former team.

You are expected to conform to district and school regulations regarding behavior while traveling on bus trips. When traveling to other schools, you must remain with the team at all times and you may not leave the site. You may not travel to and from contests on your own when a school bus is available.

Athletic Donation/Contribution

Our Creekside Middle School Athletic program provides a way for students to be connected to school, develops team spirit and loyalty, allows students to interact with our diverse student population, and teaches important values. Parent contributions are vital for the sustainability of our sports program. The suggested donation is $50. Students donating funds can  bring a check made out to Creekside Middle School when turning in the locator form. No student shall be denied the opportunity to participate in Athletics due to financial constraints in donating. Please inform our counselors or the Principal for assistance if needed.