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Carpool Program

Carpool Program Overview

Creekside facilitates a carpool program for families of students looking for ride-share.  There is currently a binder available in the front office where, using the attached form, you can enter your carpool needs and abilities to help out.

Simply print out the form, fill it out, and place it in the Carpool binder on the front office counter.  Next, review the binder to find others whose schedule might complement yours and who live nearby.  Then, call or email those who you think might be able to help to set up your carpool.

Make a new friend

Get a little greener

Avoid the traffic line

Get to work on time

Become a Carpool Superstar

Carpool Superstar Program

Become a Carpool Superstar

Help reduce vehicle congestion, car emissions, and your carbon foot print.   In order to qualify as a Carpool Superstar you:


  • Must pick up or drop off at least 3 Creekside students, and
  • must carpool at least 3 days a week, and
  • must carpool for at least a month.  But we encourage you to continue throughout the year!


If you qualify, stop by the main office and fill out the Registration Form, or fill it in ahead of time and turn it in.   Within the month, Creekside will AWARD you with a “CARPOOL SUPERSTAR” cling decal for your car. 

Help Creekside to do our part for our parking lot, neighborhood, and the Earth!!!