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Get Involved

Volunteers do help!!

There are many ways of volunteering at Creekside. Parents and members of our community have a wealth of experience, talents, and interests that can greatly benefit our school. You may want to volunteer on a regular basis, or help with an individual project or activity.

The Creekside PTC provides volunteers wherever there is an identified need for support. As a parent, you may have the opportunity to help teachers in the classroom or behind the scenes, and your involvement is critical to the success of many of our activities at school.

Parents help with the library, the Renaissance program, emergency preparedness, campus beautification, health and safety, and community service. We try at all times to be responsive to the needs of our school.

The Castro Valley Unified School District has implemented a screening process for all who wish to volunteer their services. The purpose of this screening is to ensure that no one working with our children has a record of sexual misconduct, thus providing a safe and positive environment for our students. Individuals interested in volunteering at a school must complete the request to volunteer form prior to initiating any volunteer activity. This process will be repeated every year for all individuals. Once it has been determined that the potential volunteer has not been identified on the Megan’s Law list, the principal will be contacted and volunteer activity may commence.

Your involvement is greatly encouraged! Below is a partial list of on-going areas of service. Many other projects and programs will come up during the school year.

ROOM VOLUNTEERS Parents can help in the classroom in a variety of ways, depending on the individual teacher's need. This may involve working directly with the students, driving for or supervising field trips, running copies, etc.

LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS Volunteers work directly with classes and individual students in the selection and checkout of books.

NOON SUPERVISORS Parents are needed for lunch-time supervision. This could be a paid position. Please contact the Assistant Principal’s Office for details.

OFFICE HELP During the year, there are many items that need to be typed, photocopied, counted, stapled, and distributed.

??? Your suggestions on how you may become involved are always welcome!