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Homework Club 2021-2022



 Do you need a place to study after school, or need help with your homework? Go to the Homework Club! Each grade level is hosting Homework Club 2-3 days/week.

Students need to stay for the whole time of Homework Club, 3-4pm, unless a parent calls to release them.


Please check back on this website frequently for any cancellations, changes in schedule, new meeting rooms or advisors.

Attention 6th Graders! No Wednesday homework club with Ms. Millard on 9/22. She'll be back for Wednesday Homework Club on 9/29.

PLEASE NOTE: Homework club is not available on early dismissal or minimum days and may be cancelled if there is a meeting, training, or staff absence. We will do our best to announce this to students and a sign will be posted on the door. The students will be responsible to call for their ride.

There is a student phone available after school each day for student's to call for their ride.


6th Grade Homework Club

Mondays & Fridays 3:00-4:00

Mr. Martinez (Room 10)

Wednesdays 3:00-4:00

Ms. Millard (Room 5)


7th Grade Homework Club

Mondays 3:00-4:00

Ms. Livai (Room 34)

Wednesdays 3:00-4:00

Mr. Doran (Room 16)

Thursdays 3:00-4:00

Ms. Bias (Room 35)

This meeting time is for 7th and 8th graders



8th Grade Homework Club

Wednesdays 3:00-4:00

Ms. Cha (Room 26)