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Response to Instruction and Intervention

The Creekside mission is “Cultivating academic excellence, equity, and responsibility. “ To this end, we have implemented a “Pyramid of Interventions (or POI)”. Our goal is to be able to guarantee that students not meeting standards will receive extra time and support during the school day. This POI will ensure that every student receives the assistance needed to be successful.  There are three levels that make up the Pyramid of Interventions:

  • TIER 1 includes our CORE program of high quality classroom teaching, high expectations, assessments/data collection and open tutorial.
  • TIER 2 becomes more targeted to specific student needs such as: required tutorial, required homework help, after school tutoring, conferences with counseling/admin staff.
  • TIER 3 includes intervention classes, student study team meetings, and possible special education testing if all other tiers of support are not working.

It is important to understand that being referred to the POI is not a punishment!We are passionate about student success and want do our best to offer our students the individualized support they need to be academically successful and prepared for the rigors of high school and college.


Referral Process:

When a student is referred to the POI, the following occurs:

  • Tutorial: A teacher who is concerned with a student's progress will stamp the student's binder reminder to attend tutorial, which is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school day.  This is time dedicated to re-teaching and re-testing of essential standards.
  • Student Administrative Conference: If a teacher has continued concerns about a student's progress, the teacher will recommend that the student get additional POI help.  This recommendation (as indicated on a student's progress report) will generate a meeting with a counselor or administrator, who will then conference with the student during the school day to help put together a plan of action to move toward academic, behavioral, and attendance success.  Each additional time a student is referred for support, the conversation and plan of action becomes more specific to the student's individual needs, progressively moving through Tiers 1, 2, and 3.

As our most valuable team members, we are asking for every family’s support.  Please ensure that your student(s) is/are in possession of their Binder Reminder every day of the school year.