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Attendance Information

To Report an Absence, Dial 510-247-0665, option 1 or extension 9200

or email to .

 Please read the most recent Attendance Update from CVUSD Student Services here:

Subject: Attendance Recording Update Starting 3/29/2021

Hello Creekside Families,

We are writing to let you know that, starting Monday, April 12, 2021, you will see some slight changes to attendance recording for your student(s).  We will begin using an additional code for In-Person Instruction.

The updates will allow us to more accurately record attendance situations for the programs in which our students are participating.  The application of these codes will remain largely the same as they have throughout the year.  The explanation of the codes are as follows:

  • Present (Aeries code “9”) - Physically Present for In-Person Instruction 
  • DLE (Aeries code “1”) - Distance Learning Engaged or Present 
  • DLN / Absent (Aeries code “2”) - Distance Learning Not Engaged and Student not physically present In-person. 

*Please note that there will now be two different codes to mark students present related to whether or not they were in-person.  Additionally, the code “2” will broadly represent absence to in-person or virtual instruction.

We look forward to implementing these updates and appreciate your ongoing support this school year.



  If you are reporting an absence by phone or email, please say your name, your relationship to the student, the student’s first name, spelling of the last name, grade, date of the absence and the reason for the absence.  If you are calling to report your student ill, please include the symptoms of the illness and whether they have or have not been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Starting Monday, 11/9/2020, you will see some changes to attendance recording for your student(s) under distance learning.  

We are switching from a three-code system to a two-code system as follows:

Distance Learning Engaged (DLE), or code 1, will take the place of both code 3 and code 4 in order to simplify reporting your student as having met the attendance requirement, “present,” for a given day or class period.

Distance Learning Not Engaged (DLN), or code 2, will continue to be used to identify distance learning “absences”.

We look forward to launching this simplified system and appreciate your ongoing support this school year.

Thank you,

CVUSD Student Services


Prompt arrival to class is essential for academic success.   Missing class for any reason interferes with student progress, since each class contains instructional information or activities that are essential to the student.

Attendance Policy

EVERY day a child is absent from school, a parent/guardian must verify the absence within 72 hours of the absence by calling the Attendance Office voicemail at (510) 247-0665, Press 1.  If immediate assistance is needed, please call Ext. 7003.  The Attendance Technician is available from 8:00am-1:00pm.


Please be sure to state:

  1. Student's name, including spelling of the last name
  2. Date and period of absence
  3. Reason for the absence, including diagnosis or symptoms
  4. Caller's name and relationship to the student
  5. The best call-back number should we have questions
  6.  If you are calling to report your student ill, please include the symptoms of the illness and whether they have or have not been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

*Emailing the teacher will not excuse the absence.  You must report all absences to the Attendance Office by phone or email.


An automatic attendance phone-dialer, working in conjunction with our attendance computer, will attempt to make day and evening calls when absences are not verified.  Failure to verify the absence within 72 hours will result in the student receiving unexcused absences and possible truancy consequences.


Make-up Assignments for Absences

Please do not leave a message on the attendance line for school/homework requests. Check the teacher websites, Student/Parent Portal or Google Classroom, as many teachers will post daily assignments there. If homework is not posted, you may email your student’s teachers through the Parent Portal to request homework.  Friends in the same class can be called for assignments.  Click here to reach the Teacher Directory.


Absences Defined

 Student absences will be categorized in accordance with the following guidelines:


Excused absence: 

  • Illness/medical verified within 72 hours by parent/guardian (e.g., personal illness, medical/dental/optometry appointment, quarantine)
  • Bereavement (e.g., funeral service - immediate family member)
  • School-sponsored activity (e.g., athletic events, drama, music, student government, counselor, assessment)
  • Prior approval from principal/designee (e.g., religious holiday, family emergency (reason needs to be provided), extended bereavement, court appearance, religious retreat-four hours per semester)


Unexcused absence: 

  • Absence not verified by parent/guardian
  • Absence verified by parent/guardian after the 72-hour time limit
  • Parent/guardian notifies school of absence not allowable by law (e.g., vacation, work, oversleeping, traffic/car problems, etc.)
  • School directed exclusion (e.g., suspension, lack of immunization)
  • Skipping or leaving class without permission


Late Arrival

If arriving after school has started, before going to class students are to bring a note signed by the parent/guardian to the Attendance Office to receive a Campus Pass.  Please state the student’s name, date, time, and reason the student is arriving late to school.  Exception: students should proceed directly to their classrooms if they can make it to class within the first 5 minutes of the start of school.


Medical/Dental Appointments

It is recommended that medical appointments be scheduled during non-school hours.  If this is not possible, a doctor’s note is required to verify the appointment for the absence to be excused. 


Early Release

Students are to bring a note signed by the parent/guardian to the Attendance Office BEFORE SCHOOL to receive a Campus Pass.  Please state: the student’s name, date and time of release, reason the student is leaving school, and who s/he will be leaving with.  This person must be on the student’s contact list and should come to the Main Office to meet the student.  ID will be needed to confirm.  The student should show the Campus Pass to the teacher at the beginning of the period from which the student is to be excused.  At the designated time, the student should come to the Main Office to check out. 

For students who do not follow this procedure, we prefer to call at the end of the period in order to minimize disruption during instruction. Please advise your student to obtain a Campus Pass BEFORE SCHOOL and not at the time of departure.


Illness/Injury at School

Students should stay home when ill.  If a student becomes ill or injured at school, the student is to ask permission from the teacher and report to the Health Office.  The Health Office Assistant, and district nurse if necessary, will be available to provide first aid.  The Health Clerk and student will notify parents/guardians.  Students are NOT to use their personal cell phones to call or text their parents/guardians outside of the Health Office.  STUDENTS MUST REPORT TO THE HEALTH OFFICE OR ATTENDANCE OFFICE BEFORE LEAVING CAMPUS.