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Attendance Information

To Report an Absence, Dial 510-247-0665, ext. 7003

Prompt arrival to class is essential for academic success.   Missing class for any reason interferes with student progress, since each class contains instructional information or activities that are essential to the student.


Attendance Policy

EVERY day a child is absent from school, a parent/guardian must verify the absence within 72 hours of the absence by calling the Attendance Office voicemail at 510-247-0665, ext. 7003.

Please be sure to state:

  • Student's name, including spelling of the last name
  • Date and period of absence
  • Reason for the absence
  • Caller's relationship to the student
  • The best call-back number should we have questions

A written verification signed by the parent/guardian may also be used to report absences.

An automatic attendance phone-dialer, working in conjunction with our attendance computer, will attempt to make day and evening calls when absences are not verified.  Failure to verify the absence within 72 hours will result in the student receiving unexcused absences and possible truancy consequences.

Absences Defined

Student absences are categorized according to the following guidelines.

Excused Absences:

  1. School-sponsored Activity (e.g. athletic event, drama, music, student government)
  2. Illness/medical verified within 72 hours
  3. Bereavement verified within 72 hours
  4. Prior approval from principal/designee (may be given for religious holiday, family emergency, extended bereavement, court appearance, etc.)

Unexcused Absences:

  1. Parent/guardian notifies school of absence not allowed by law (ie vacation, work, oversleeping, baby-sitting, visiting relatives, traffic/car problems)
  2. School directed exclusion (e.g. suspension, lack of immunization)
  3. Absence verified by parent/guardian after the 72-hour time limit
  4. Truancy/skipping class
  5. Absence not verified by a parent/guardian


Unexcused Tardies:

An automatic attendance phone-dialer, working in conjunction with our attendance computer, will attempt to make day and evening calls when a student is marked with an unexcused tardy in any class.

The consequences of unexcused tardies are as follows:

  • Total of 5 tardies = 30 Minute detention
  • Total of 10 tardies = 1 hour long detention is served and a Tardy Letter is sent home
  • Total of 15 tardies = Second Tardy Letter and a School Attendance Review Team meeting at Creekside
  • Total of 20 tardies = Recommendation to School Attendance Review Board at District Office

“Please note that absences due to vacation are considered unexcused absences and cause your child to miss valuable instructional time. Education Code requires that students in school 180 days unless they are ill or are on short term independent study due to extenuating circumstances. The first two weeks of school, important routines and procedures are shared with students to ensure a smooth transition to a new grade. 

Please also note that extended unexcused absences of three days or more are referred to the School Attendance Review Team (SART). Although we understand the importance of family trips and vacations, we ask families to please plan trips during school holidays and vacations so that your child will not miss valuable instructional time.” 


Short Term Independent Study Requests


Attention Parents/Guardians:  There are new rules and procedures for Independent Study.    


The instructions on the Binder Reminder are no longer valid.  

-          All Independent Study Agreement requests must be given to the teacher(s) at least 15 school days prior to the first day of the absence. 


-          Download the Independent Study Agreement Form”. Please fill out request completely and sign and date.


-          Bring the completed Request to the Front Office and meet with the Attendance Technician, Mrs. Fong, and she will go over the contract with the student and inform them what needs to be done next.


-          One Independent Study contract is needed for each student (if you have multiple students that need to go on Independent Study).


-          The parent/student will be notified when the agreement has been approved or disapproved.


A short-term Independent Study contract is a voluntary alternative to a regular classroom program of instruction when a student is absent from school for not less than five (5) and not more than ten (10) consecutive school days.   No Independent Study agreements are allowed the first 10 days of the school year, nor the last 15 days of the school year. Schools are not obligated to provide students with an Independent Study contract. The availability of an Independent Study contract must be agreed upon by mutual consent of the Principal, students teachers, parent/guardian, and student. Students should only be placed on Independent Study if the student can successfully accomplish their academics.  All assigned work is due on the day upon which the student is scheduled to return to school as per the Agreement. No late work will be accepted. If the work is not completed in its entirety, the student will not be qualified to receive Independent Study in the future, up to 3 years.