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Creekside Clubs vary year to year and are announced during Advisory Class during the Student Video Announcements and are posted below.

All clubs are subject to cancellation, students should check the announcements during advisory for updates or changes. 



Arts & Crafts and Games Club. Do you love arts and crafts, games, or love a peaceful creative vibe? Come to Arts Club every other Thursday at lunch in Room 3. For more information, contact Ms. Young at [email protected]


Badminton Club meets every Thursday at lunch at the courts by the gym. For more information, contact Mr. Yeung at [email protected]


Black Student Union (BSU) meets twice a month on Wednesdays during lunch in Room 29. In this club, you will be learning about Black history and culture in addition to doing fun and engaging projects to celebrate the diverse Black community. This club provides a safe place for everyone to share their experiences and struggles without judgment. BSU is open to everyone! For more information, contact Ms. Robinson at [email protected]


Chess Club meets every Friday during lunch in room 7. Chess Club is open to players of all skill levels. We will even have coaches to brush up your game. Novice or Grandmaster, come join us! Chess Club will also meet after school every Wednesday from 3-4pm. Please contact Ms. Wodetzki for more information, [email protected].

NO Chess Club on 3/27, 4/17, 4/24


DnD Club. Do you play DnD? Are you curious about it? Either way, you can join us every Tuesday during lunch at DnD Club for an exciting adventure with Kobalts and Lizardfolk in Room 21. For more information, contact Mr. Yoo at [email protected]


Esperanza Club. Students in this club learn about all the fun ways we celebrate Latin American Cultures and strive to promote an awareness and appreciation of the multiple Latin American cultures represented on our campus.  Esperanza Club meets once a month after school from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Room 25 (the Wellness Center) with Ms. Gallegos. Everyone is welcome to join! For more information, contact Ms. Gallegos, [email protected]


Fishing Club meets every Tuesday at Lunch in Room 19. Learn about how to fish, which baits and lines are best for specific fish, discuss basics, and just talk about fishing in general. For more information, contact Ms. Sepulveda, [email protected]


Fútbol Club. The purpose of the Fútbol Club aims to bring students together, fostering relationships, creating a fun environment, and honing soccer skills. It’s not just about the game; it’s about building a sense of camaraderie and having a blast. We encourage all interested students to join us and be part of this fantastic experience. Feel free to spread the word and let the fútbol enthusiasts in your class know about this opportunity! This club meets every other Friday on the Lower Field. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Mr. Navarrete at [email protected] 


Garageband Club meets every Wednesday at 1:05 pm during lunch (eat before you come) in Room 31, the computer lab. Make friends while learning how to create beats and tunes using Apple's Garageband software. Listen to what others have created and share what you came up with. Newbies are definitely welcome! Hope to see you there! For more information, contact Mr. Ellis, [email protected].


Hot Wheels Racing Club. Rev up your engines! Hot Wheels Racing Club meets monthly for the ultimate Grad Prix showdown! Join us in Room 4 during lunch and compete for Victory. Watch the weekly Video Announcements for event updates, and don't miss the Tournament of Champions in May. Contact Mr. McMurray for more information, [email protected] 


Jazz Club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Room 27. Bring an instrument and sight-read jazz music. For more information, contact Mr. Yeung at [email protected]


Potato Club meets every other Tuesday in Room 5. Come with your lunch to talk about potatoes and have a spud-tacular time! For more information, contact Ms. Millard at [email protected]


Rainbow Cranes meets every Tuesday during lunch in Room 14. Are you looking for a safe place to meet  people? Are you a part of the LGBTQ+ community? An ally? Just curious? Do you want to help make a positive impact using origami? Then, you should think about joining The Rainbow Cranes! The Rainbow Cranes is a safe place for LGBTQ+ people and allies where we can educate each other about LGBTQ+ while making origami! Contact Ms. Ruiz for more information, [email protected]


Rodeo Club. Calling all cowboys and ranchers, or anyone who wants to know more about the rodeo! meets every Wednesday at lunch in Room 18. Contact Mr. Lavin for more information, [email protected]


Video Game Club meets every Thursday during lunch in Room 36. For more information, contact Mr. Sutton, [email protected]