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School Site Council

Creekside's School Site Council (SSC) is an elected committee of parents, students and staff members.  The purpose of the SSC is to develop and monitor our School Improvement Program; a program designed to improve student achievement.  SSC meets on a regular basis to:

  • Consider the needs of all students
  • Develop, review and update the school site plan
  • Develop school categorical budgets
  • Evaluate the progress of the school program

To provide continuity within the SSC, parents and students serve a three-year term.  However, the council will accept candidates who are interested in sitting on the SSC for two years.  Meetings are held monthly after school from 3:15 to 4:15 and occur on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  We set the calendar at our first meeting in September. Meetings are held virtually this year. 

Please click here to see the agenda for the Jan. 27, 2021 meeting.