Support Staff

Support Staff at Creekside can be reached by email or by calling us at 510-247-0665.  

Image Name Position Ext. Email
Lim Sharon Lim Secretary 7000
Jerome Wendy Jerome Scheduling Technician 7002
Fong Caroline Fong  Attendance 7003
Braxton Teri Braxton-Semonsen Health Office 7029 [email protected]
Camargo Jocelyn Camargo Psychologist 7137 [email protected]
Patrick Cheung Patrick Cheung Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Christensen Anne Christensen Paraprofessional 7130 [email protected]
Dunn Matthew Dunn Building and Grounds 7009 [email protected]
Goins Martin Goins Building and Grounds 7009 [email protected]
Granados Francisco Granados Building and Grounds 7009 [email protected]
Hampton Annastasia Hampton Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Hashimi Mastora Hashimi Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Hulse Wonju Hulse Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Combs Dan Combs Campus Security 7233 [email protected]
  Judie Plaza Cafeteria Lead 7011
Mazur Lauretta Mazur Campus Security 7233 [email protected]
Kisileva Alla Kisileva Paraprofessional 7134 [email protected]
Kidwell Nicole Kidwell Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Lady Ariel Lady Paraprofessional   [email protected]
  Beth Fulop Office Technician 7006
Moseir Jeff Mosier SPED Social Worker 7111 [email protected]
Nalty Carol Nalty Librarian 7312 [email protected]
Velasquez Renee Velasquez Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Wun Sydney Wun Finance 7004 [email protected]