Support Staff

Support Staff at Creekside can be reached by email or by calling us at 510-247-0665.  

Image Name (click to email) Position Ext.
 Richey Krista Richey School Secretary 7000
Fong Caroline Fong  Attendance 7003
Braxton Teri Braxton-Semonsen Health Office 7029
  Ashley Carroll Paraprofessional 7122
Patrick Cheung Patrick Cheung Paraprofessional  
Christensen Anne Christensen Paraprofessional 7130
Hangea  Cami Hangea Scheduler 7002 
Hashimi Mastora Hashimi Paraprofessional  
Hubble Crystal Hubble Campus Security 7233
Tim DeForest Building and Grounds 7009
Fitzgerald 19-20 Ann Fitzgerald Paraprofessional 7134
Howard Margo Howard Cafeteria Lead 7011
Mazur Lauretta Mazur Campus Security 7233
Kisileva Alla Kisileva Paraprofessional 7134
Nalty Carol Nalty Librarian 7312
naranjo Nadya Naranjo Counseling Secretary 7006
Newell Joseph Newell Building and Grounds 7009
Panconi Lucas Panconi Building and Grounds 7009
Wun Sydney Wun Finance 7004
York Danielle York Paraprofessional 7122